The business center at the Customs Square

The business center at the Customs Square

About the project

Business Center at Mytna Square

Complex Restoration Design of Mytna Square in Odesa that won international competition. The rules and technical specification of the competition stated several key tasks:
Business Center must become a landmark of Odessa
Category of the Business Center must respond to A class that is a hard task for designing
Architectural style of the building – Art-deco

The important element of designing is careful organization and distribution of all project components: planning, comfortable building navigation, safety of staff and visitors, optimal selection of materials and harmonic combination of design specific features with technical and constructive characteristics.

We have developed and offered a transport junction that should enable to unload the city center and to avoid traffic jams due to round motion, and at the same time Polskyi Uzviz shall have one-direction movement towards the city and Devolanovskyi Uzviz – towards opposite direction. Connect Yuriia Oleshy St. with Karantynnyi Uzviz. We also offered to open the dead-end Kanatna St. and to connect it with highway with Prymorska St. and to make a slope near the Sea port.
Economic parameters of the Business Center:
Total area of 52710 sq. m.
Useful office area (for renting) 25810 sq. m.
Useful areas for shops or offices 807 sq. m.
Conference-hall area and 2 negotiations rooms 312 sq. m.
Parking area 15650 sq. m.
Engineering rooms area 1290 sq. m.
Area of common rooms 6200 sq. m.
Area of accessible roofs development 1700 sq. m.
Parking capacity (for staff) 341 parking spaces.
Guest parking capacity is 100 parking spaces.
Number of floors:
Tower 1 – 27 floors
Tower 2 – 24 floors
Tower 3 – 20 floors
Parking number of floors is 7+1. Building height is 99 m.
Construction volume 188260 cub. m.