About us

About us


Who are we

Architectural-Construction Company ADI studio was founded in 2001. During this time our team has created more than 192 projects including: dwelling houses, apartments interiors, business-centers, airport, hotels and restaurants; sports-entertainment complex and modern dwelling complex have been designed.
Our principles of work are directly linked with the name ADI studio: architecture, design, innovations. We work in all stylistic directions and are distinguished for innovative creative approach in the area of designing and style. Our team consists of highly qualified dedicated specialists. We create projects and embody them, assisting on all stages of designing and construction, from a rough sketch to commencement of the object. In our architecture we seek to combine function and form, embodying unique special decision and advantages.
We are not bound by geographical location of the object, we have experience and resources to solve tasks of various complicity in any part of the planet.


What we do



Our creative team

Volodymyr Ivaniuk

Chief Architect, founder of ADI studio and the main thought leader of projects. Repeated laureate and winner of architectural competitions. More than 15 years of experience in designing dwelling and public buildings, commercial and private interiors. All objects of our company are developed and constructed under his guidance.

Natalia Ivaniuk

Restaurateur, project-manager. More than 10 years of experience in hotel and restaurant business. Is engaged in commencing restaurants “turn-key”. Planning, opening and assisting business are the main directions of her activity.

Olena Khrystych

Head of production and technical branch of ADI studio. Manages the matters of: ADI stone production, object and furniture design.

Volodymyr Popov

Head of construction branch of ADI studio. Is engaged in controlling all current construction projects.

Oleksandr Kaidan

Head of security system branch: video surveillance, security and fire alarm, “Smart house” system. More than 25 years of experience.


Our skills:

We create completely new aesthetic forms in design.
Complex approach to work and solving problems of any complexity helps our team to carry out design and construction tasks of any scale and complexity.








Our achievements


The concept of the sporting complext

The concept of the largest entertainment and sporting complex with special areas for Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Motocross, BMX, Skate Park, Dance Floor, Boxing rings, etc. was developed. Within the compound, the European and World Championships will take place. The construction is scheduled for 2019-2020.


The project of housing estate

The project of housing estate with kindergardens, school of 3000 square metres and stadium in Bieliaievskyi region, Khliebodarskaia village was developed. This project will allow developing this region and absorbing all ways possible the needs of the population. (linck)


Begun our own production of interior doors

We have begun our own production of interior doors of author’s design by Vladimir Ivaniuk. The first collection was named “Infinity”, the distinctive features of which are the height of our products (from floor to ceiling), which allows us to open up the indoor space, the absence of the door’s breastplates and transoms makes our collection airy and extraordinary. We work using advanced technologies and the most up-to-date equipment.


Started manufacturing smart kitchens

We have developed and started manufacturing smart kitchens made of the best materials, with the latest-generation fittings. Such kitchens are ideal solution for small areas, allow you to optimize the kitchen space, rationally placing work areas and equipment.


Manufacturing ADI stone

We have developed and started manufacturing ADI stone due to the fact that we could not find a stone that would satisfy our aesthetic needs, quality and of course the cost in the market. The stone is applicable both for the facade of buildings and for interiors.


A project of a business center

A project of a business center of class “A” in the city of Odessa was developed, which is located at: Tamozhennaia square, building № 1. A new road interchange was developed, which would help to resolve a gridlock, due to the possibility of creating the circular motion at the square, and to help to become such streets as Polskyi Spusk and Devolanovskyi Spusk one-way streets. To open the dead-end at the very beginning of Kanatnaia street and to construct a motorway to the main entrance of the Passenger Ship Terminal. To divide pedestrian areas by pedestrian bridges and terraces, which will connect Lanzheronovskaia street with Devolanovskyi Spusk street, for comfortable movement of Odessa citizens and guests of our city. The gardens that we proposed to place on the roof of the Business Center, will let you rest and also enjoy the panorama of the city and of the sea.


The concept of Odessa airport

The concept of Odessa airport was developed on the occasion of EURO 2012, in which it was proposed to make an additional air-strip of 4800 metres long, for the possibility of takeoff and landing of large planes, for the purposes of increasing the volume of passenger traffic and the number of destinations. And at the same time, to reconstruct the old air-strip, which is 2200 metres long. A new carcase of the terminal should be also built at the territory of the airport, and this carcase of the terminal should be built in line with the old one, (the building that is also a subject to reconstruction), and a three-level motorway would help to eliminate congestions and divide the passenger traffic. Open-air and covered parking for 6000 seats, the construction of hotels and business center gives more opportunities, convenience and comfort, for both guests of the city and residents of Odessa.


A reconstruction of the architectural monument

Vladimir Ivaniuk has developed a reconstruction of the architectural monument, namely he has developed a reconstruction of the hotel, which is located in the very heart of Odessa, at the address: Chaikovskyi lane, building № 10.