Restaurant “turn-key”

Restaurant “turn-key”

eam of creative professionals of restaurant and architectural and construction business. We are capable of materializing the most incredible things. Our work is the result of many years of experience and mastering effective schemes of creation and managing restaurant business.

We know how to create a successful restaurant or to take up control, development and management on any stage. The main directions of our activity are business planning, projecting and design, technological projecting, project management, selection and studying personnel, creation of unique menu.

Our services:

  1. Restaurant “turn-key”
  2. Management

1. Restaurant “turn-key” is a set of services aimed at development of a restaurant from cover to cover for the Customer’s benefit.

  • We start from comprehensive marketing research being able to discover all unobvious obstacles, right niche, compatibility.
  • Make up business plan.

  • Develop concept and brand.

  • Create preliminary menu, its general idea and concept

  • Develop technical specification for projecting

  • Develop design in accordance with the concept of facility developed earlier
  • Draw architectural project taken into account all necessary technical requirements

  • Construction. Selection of materials and decoration elements
  • Author’s monitoring. Architects and designer shall control compliance of works being done with the technical specification in person
  • Equipment, furniture and inventory procurement

  • Developing, preparation and introduction of general system of managerial accounting and business planning for the project, efficiency indexes and motivation system, earning management and costs management systems, accounting and control regulations
  • Find qualified personnel, train restaurant employees

  • Work on dishes, make up process and calculation diagrams
  • Define service and corporate culture standards, develop servicebook
  • Solve all legal matters

2. We also provide a set of services on full or partial restaurant operational management. Works list, structure and consequence are agreed for each individual project.

Facility operational management includes its general operational and strategical management, promotion and development. Functional administering and management over all main business processes:

  • Operational management and coordination of all restaurant subdivisions and services (kitchen, servicing, administration, logistics, accounting, security, IT-department, marketing and advertisement)

  • Management and control over all guests servicing and assistance processes at restaurant
  • Management, planning and control over all economic and financial indexes of enterprise activity: commodity and assortment policy, sales management, pricing and earning, costs management and tax planning, management over all money flows and optimization thereof, project financial result and profitability, other efficiency indexes;

  • Personnel policy and personnel complex management, motivation and development system

  • Enterprise process management: development and further maintenance in all types of menus, cooking process and its further development and maintenance, management over all types of technological processes
  • Complex facility business maintenance
  • Informational maintenance and support

Projects operational management services, list and content thereof is an individual process depending on a rather large number of various factors and is agreed for each specific project individually taking into account all existing specific features of restaurant and wishes of the customer concerning its further development.

The following companies have used the operational management service and gained maximal result and a strong position on the market:

Restaurant “Salieri» Odessa City – Restaurants Network «Top café» Odessa City

– “Radioactive bar” in Arcadia, Odessa City

Gioconda Hotel, Odessa City

– “Holod” (Hunger) Restaurant-Bar, Night Club, Odessa City

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