Construction works

Construction works

Our company organizes and performs all complex of construction works. Our experience and qualification enables us to embody complicated large projects. We understand the interests of our clients in full on the stage of the whole construction progress. While being the authors of the architectural project and having professional staff, we ensure full control over all construction processes and guarantee quality.

We offer the following services:

  • Construction of public buildings

  • Construction of individual detached houses and cottages
  • Territory development

  • Apartments and buildings repairs
  • Offices repairs

  • Utility networks


Why it is advantageous to work with us:

  • Moderate cost of works given high quality thereof
  • High level of competence of engineering and technical personnel

  • Responsibility for the quality of works

  • Compliance with construction schedule

  • Knowledge of modern construction materials and innovative technologies

  • 15 years of experience on the market of construction services
  • Provision of all complex of construction services on “turn-key” basis
  • Official construction agreement, pricelist and schedule


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