Architectural designing

Architectural designing

Architectural designing is the main, defining and crucial stage of buildings construction and buildings can be different: small country house, cottage, difficult dwelling or public building, dwelling complex, airport, business center, shopping center, shop, restaurant, etc. It is important to know, that interior design is also subject to architectural designing.

Most of people mistaken when think that the main things in designing are an idea and a sketch. In fact, everything starts from clear and proper TS (Technical Specification). Due to TS an architect can have a clear picture and understand the wishes of the customer, make a clear strategy of designing and construction. Properly executed TS can help you save up to 50% of the budget during construction of and procurement for the object. Turn-key projects (designing, construction, object procurement, author’s and technical monitoring) by us shall enable you to save not only personal time, but also money.

One more delicate and, as a rule, underestimated matter in designing is a landscape design. As time passes, the role of parks and greenery various under designation within the structure of modern city shall only increase, their significance is hard to overestimate even now. The necessity in relaxation of people made popular not only the landscape design of a plot, but also creation of “green roofs” or gardens on walkable roofs of city houses where on could feel comfortable in his garden among heavily populated city. Also, gardens are able to create unusual atmosphere and coziness in the apartment or detached house interior. In interior, gardens can be of various types – usual and vertical and with various filling.

In world practice of landscape architecture there are many examples of returning to life former industrial enterprises, warehouses and creation of public parks and relaxation zones on their places. Long time ago people realized not only their need for nature, but also direct dependency of their life from condition of their natural environment. We orient ourselves on world experience of creation of landscape design, plants planning in relation to humidity of the area of their natural origination, preservation of character and properties of unrepeatable landscape.

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